Father Jacob : The Voyles Lineage Book Essay

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I interviewed my seventy-five year old grandpa Donnie, researched the Voyles lineage book that my grandma Arlene helped compile, and talked with my dad in order to find out more about my family’s history. According to Grandpa Donnie, it all began in 1759 when Jacob Voils, his wife, and his four sons landed in Port Charleston from Wales. Jacob was a poor man and could not afford the family’s way to Charleston. Desperate, he made a deal with the ship’s captain to indenture his oldest son William Voils as a crew hand for four years in exchange for the family’s way. Upon regaining his freedom, William furiously changed the spelling of his last name to Voyles to break all ties from his father Jacob. Since then, William Voyles’ descendants have spread throughout the Midwest and West. Since William, the Voyles family became rich in Native American heritage. According to my grandpa, our Native American ancestry goes back generations “here and there.” But more specifically, my grandpa’s mother, May Voyles, was a full blooded Native American of the Cherokee origin. The Cherokee people are very peaceful, mild-tempered, and family oriented. My grandpa thinks that many of these values affected us as a family. My great-grandma May lived to be one-hundred and two, but sadly I never got a chance to meet her. My grandpa’s father, David Voyles, died when he was very young. Before he passed away, he taught my grandpa the importance of Christian values. I think this has made a huge impact…

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