Family: Weaknesses And Strengths Of The Family

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A strength that I see within this family is their bond and resilience. Although they are currently facing many hardships and obstacles they are attempting to recovery and adjust from it. A strength of the parents was their ability to make a critical decision in coming to the U.S in hopes of a better life for their family. That took a lot of strength and courage to make a move like that. The mother has been working hard to provide for her children. The children acknowledge this and help out as well. The oldest got a job and the youngest look out for one another. The providing and hardworking nature of the family is a strength. Another strength of the family is their ability to speak other languages. They are fluent in Chinese and Spanish. This …show more content…
David is being bullied teased in school. He needs an advocate at school that can support him during these times. He also needs an authoritative ally to seek during these times that can hopefully help him determine a plan of action. He also dropped out of school and has neglected to tell his parents. He will probably need help with disclosing this information to his parents and as well as resources and help navigating the work force as an illegal immigrate. He is also struggling with his sexual identity and because of it is being assaulted. He will need to work through this as well as the effects of the assaults. Lastly the major service that needs to be done is assessing him of his suicidal ideations. Ki has similar academic problems and needs help navigating through the education system. She was held back a grade level. She should seek relevant academic services to help her not fall behind in the school system. She is also dealing with being teased, she needs an advocate as well helping her through these issues and empowering her. Katrina is suffering from seizures and needs immediate medical attention and a thorough evaluation. Miguel needs immediate assessments for his suicidal ideations. He also needs help finding a job that is his able to work, regardless of his injury. His also needs to deal with his anger issues with cause him to abuse his family. Ayoki needs …show more content…
Identify and collaborate with other professionals who are involved in disseminating public information. I can use the media and new outlets to highlight the issues in the immigrant communities. The main issues being poverty, lack of resources, language barriers, no access to health care or mental health services, difficulties adjusting to a new culture. I could collaborate with individuals in the school system to educate them on the difficulties immigrants face. They could disseminate with the students about this culture and campaign to help stop bulling and harassing of these individuals. The department of human services could provide resources for and about immigrants.

Social/Political Advocacy Counselor Competencies
37. Distinguish those problems that can best be resolved through social/political action.

The main problems this family is facing is housing, financial, education, and health issues. Many of the issues the family is currently facing can be resolved through social/political action, seeking services, and using community resources provided. On a systemic level, the policies regarding immigration limitation need to be change.

38. Identify the appropriate mechanisms and avenues for addressing these

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