Family Unit, Marriage, And Divorce Essay

1210 Words Aug 10th, 2016 null Page
Family is very important to many people. But families have changed over the years. Divorce, remarriage and blended families are more common and accepted. There isn’t a stigma behind divorce or single parents as much anymore. Many young adults are even waiting till there marriage until they are in there 30s. Plus cohabitation is more normal. Families are changing and becoming more tolerant of situations that stray from the norm. Three sociological concepts I can relate to are the family unit, marriage – and its alternatives, and after divorce. A family unit for some is easy to define and for others it can be a little more complicated. The easiest and most common way to define someone’s family unit is the group of people related to them by blood or marriage. But that isn’t the only family unit. There is generally a collection of cross-generational offspring. Generally you will be part of more than one family unit. When you are growing up you will be part of your family of origin, which is the family you were born into with your biological parents. Then when you are an adult you end up with a partner that is known as your family procreation, which is the family you choose to be with. My family unit is a little more complicated. I have my family origin, which were my mom, dad and my sister. Then my parents got a divorce. My dad then has had two different family procreations. So I have a family that I am a part of with my half brother and then a different family where I am…

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