Family Nursing Calgary Assessment Paper

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Calgary Assessment of the Fournier Family
Danielle Fournier
Elmira College

Assessment, the first step in the nursing process, is a concept that must grasped in order for nurses to possess the solid foundation required to develop a plan and provide optimal care to their patients. This assessment is significant not only to individual patients, but their families, who are becoming increasingly recognized for their significance to the health and well being of individual family members. Nurses use a variety of tools in family nursing, and one of the most significant includes the Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM), developed by Wright and Leahey. CFAM is an integrated conceptual framework used for interviewing and making
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There are a range of tools and approaches commonly used in family nursing and family assessment. The Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM), has received worldwide recognition, and been taught in our curriculum for Nursing Care of Family Clients. The model consists of three major categories and contains several subcategories. The main areas of assessment include: family structures: internal, external and context; family development: stages, tasks and attachments; and functional status, which include instrumental and expressive functioning. Two common tools used in family assessment model are the genogram, which is a picture of the family generational and intergenerational relationships, and the ecomap, which identifies the connections within families and with outside systems (St John, 2009, p.6)
Structural Assessment In assessing a family using the CFAM model, the nurse first needs to examine its structure (Wright, 2013). As mentioned previously, there are three aspects of the family structure that the nurse needs to inspect, including internal structure, external structure and context. Internal structure can be broken down further into six subcategories including family composition, gender, sexual orientation, rank order, subsystems and boundaries (Wright, 2013).
Internal Structure: In applying this model to my own family, I will begin by assessing the first subcategory of internal structure, family composition. My immediate family

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