Family Is Safe Haven For People Essay

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Family is safe haven for people, no matter people has happiness news or severe problem; no matter people suffer from stress at outside. When people come to family, they are feeling happy and warm. Today’s society, many families which unhappiness or breakdown, lead to they have contradictions and problems. Weather the happiness of the families or not, family ties are influence family members’ life or children’s growth in the families. Since ancient times until nowadays, the society keeps the change, but happiness families have the same ways. Because happy family not only has love also happy family is trust each other, interpersonal communication and absolute equality; meanwhile, the happy family will never have deception. Instead, unhappy family has different unhappy way because it lacks any a kind of happiness family factors and one of them will evolve big problems issue in the family. Trust relationship is very important in the family relationship. It connect family member’s solidarity and harmony. Sullivan Ballou wrote a letter to his wife before the Civil War Battle of Bull Run, his concern that he should fall on the battle-field proved all too true. In his letter, reader can feel as a husband, he didn’t give up love for his wife. As a father, he was anxious for his sons’ growth. On the other hand, for country he was willing to sacrifice himself for the country. He wrote in the letter, “I wait for you there! Come to me , and lead thither my children” (473). He knew that…

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