Essay on Family History : The Great Depression

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Family history is a key factor to understanding relative’s pasts, and most importantly, learning the things that family members have experienced and trials they have overcame. Family history has always intrigued me, as I want to know more about the times of the past and how my relatives grew up. As the world suffers today from instability and financial problems, I began to wonder what exactly it was like to grow up in the 1930’s during the Great Depression. This spark of thought made me relate this to the times when my grandfather grew up. Born in 1932, living in a rugged down home, striving to survive off of eating anything and everything possible. Never knowing when their parents would be home, living in fear. That is just the outline of some of the things my dear grandpa went through as he grew up as a child. Because I love my grandpa so much, it naturally led me to be more curious about the specifics of his childhood. As I began to research I started to notice that there were many individuals, and greater lifelong effects of the depression on not only my grandpa, but also many children. That is what began my process of studying the effects of children in the Great Depression.
As I began to research, I came to the realization that as time sufficiently continues along, a lot of the intricate details of large events are neglected or forgotten. Not because of their unimportance, but due to the mere fact that time continues on and new things approach at uncontrolled speeds.…

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