Family Counseling Approaches And Relationships Essay

1748 Words May 12th, 2016 null Page
Family counseling approaches are designed to enhance the relationships that exists between different members of the same family, such as between the parents and children. In family therapy, the changes that happen will be measured by how much improvement is made in the family’s ability to communicate better following therapy sessions. Family therapy may be necessitated by the differences between ideas, opinions, or ideals between two or more family members. Such differences will often result in conflicts, lack of misunderstanding and strained communication (Winek, 2010). It is common for family members to develop more tension while living within the same environments, which can, and most likely will, exacerbate their relationship. Often, families may be willing to find resolution to these conflicts, and successfully restore a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Unfortunately, they may be ill equipped to resolve their conflicts due to lack of knowledge, and a professional is needed to aid in productive communication.
When a family is unable to resolve their issues, a family therapists will be able to facilitate a positive environment, which creates a safe situation for families to open up more. By the therapist providing a safe environment, the family will be able to feel at ease discussing the specific issues affecting their relationships. When a family seeks counseling services, they are enabling themselves to work through issues within a facilitated environment for…

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