Family Communication Essay

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In today’s society many families communication has become a burning issue. Families spend most of their time in communicating, for the execution of routine activities everyone needs assistance and support from others. Then communication process starts, no one can communicate alone. There‘s always a sender and one or more receivers.
Communication is a source of delivering messages from one to another. Through communication people share their ideas, feelings, thoughts and emotions. Communication plays a vital role in the working in families. Family Systems theory attempts to explain a way of explaining family interactions. It’s also a way of analyzing the way families communicates with one another. Family
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There whole attitudes and behaviors shifted quickly. I felt like this is the type of family; I need every day in my life. Not when something tragic happens. I need their support as well as they need my support. This is where the interdependence system plays a major part with my family. They are very concerned when someone in my family has been through a tragic situation or even when someone gets a promotion on their job, they are happy.
Secondly, I will discuss who’s in and who out approach of boundaries of my family. Boundaries are defined as mark limits in the family. It can also be internal or external. An external boundary decides family membership, delineating who is a part of the family and who is not part of the family. An internal boundary is defined as the way family members communicate within their families.
The family members, I would consider who’s out of our family would be my brother and uncle. They both have a drug addiction, although some of my family does not agree with their addition. There is a boundary ambiguity with respect of the two membership of the family. I still believe we they are a part of my family. No matter what condition they are in, as a family we should be able to help them seek help to an AAA program. Internal boundaries are dominant in my family rather than external. My family likes to keep secrets. We keep a closed circle when it comes down to family business. Everyone else in my family

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