Family Clinic Data Flow With External Healthcare Organizations

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UMUC Family Clinic data flow with external healthcare organizations
There are two important healthcare organizations that need to communicate and have data flow with UMUC Family Clinic. These organizations are pharmaceutical and insurance company. It is important for UMUC Family Clinic to communicate for instance with pharmaceutical organization because Dr. Martin will be sending electronic prescription on behalf of his patients to the pharmacist. The pharmacist will require some form of information in order to honor the prescription. Also, in order to process patient bills and claims, UMUC Family Clinic needs to exchange patient information with the insurance company.
Electronic health information exchange (HIE) allows providers, pharmacists, patients and other health care organizations “to appropriately access and securely share a patient’s vital medical information electronically” ( 2014). This will help to improve healthcare quality and efficiency. Exchanging information between UMUC Family Clinic and the pharmacy is vital to patient’s continuum of care. Some of the patient data that UMUC Family Clinic can send to the pharmacy are patient patient’s name, patient date of birth, telephone number, current medications, allergies, social histories (tobacco or alcohol use), physicians’ notes, immunization record, laboratory tests and dispositions. Patient’s name, date of birth and telephone number is needed to identify the patient when they present at the…

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