False Democracy Essay

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The authors’ theme throughout the essay is that the government is destroying America with corruption and unscrupulous administration. Democracy means rule by the people and this is not what the American citizens have now. True democracy solves wicked problems, it does not ignore century old problems. The American Government can’t function without the complacency of the people. Tyrants and corporations are exploiting the American citizens because the citizens are allowing it. The American Government has the citizens believe that the word of the citizens counts for something. Citizens today have little to no interest in voting or any type of government involvement. The American’s false democracy has created a deceitful illusion of choice …show more content…
Bi-directional dialogue is needed, and the American Government needs to put in a major effort to adapt to its citizens using new methods that strengthen the communication and relationship. The American government needs to be more involved with its citizens and restructure together; efforts that improve and streamline the public system. Creating a new relationship between the government and its citizens would mean the need to adjust the thinking strategies and work style of the government in regards a diversity of cultural communities and beliefs. One solution no longer works for a wicked problem. To successfully address the wicked problems of America, the government needs to represent the common good. It needs to effectively support citizens in solving their specific problems and the government must guarantee social order, and commit itself to a public service of quality. Citizen participation is a recurring theme for the author. The author writes on the importance of the role of citizen participation in public policy processes. In the new Public Service it becomes an important issue of citizen participation in public policy processes because it constitutes a fundamental component and a condition of the possibility for democratic governance and constitutes a mechanism for social

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