Fahrenheit 451 Ignorance Analysis

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Ignorance Is Strength

Fire is the embodiment of beauty and destruction all at the same time, this is represented in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. In this dystopia, ignorance runs rampant and shows itself in every character excluding Clarisse and Beatty in the novel. The character Mildred is the embodiment of ignorance. Guy Montag’s ignorance is a bit different compared to everyone else. Captain Beatty, unlike many of the other minor characters has a reason for his ignorance, if he has any at all. Bradbury weaves a strong web of ignorance, and like a web, it’s silk is it’s strength.
Mildred stays the physical embodiment of ignorance towards anything outside of her room of televisions. She shows no empathy towards any ‘real’ person, including her husband and Clarisse. Unlike Montag, there is no enlightening moment that lights up a path away from the web of ignorance. What makes Mildred so powerful is her lack of empathy, which was replaced with ignorance towards the outside world. She sees nothing wrong with reporting
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It is a trap for anyone purely intelligent. Mildred, the wife of Guy, is the pure embodiment of ignorance, a shell of a person. Her apathy is her strength. Guy is a hybrid of intelligence and ignorance which makes him strong enough to escape the city but too weak to choose his alignment to his content. Beatty is the weakest of the trio, being the one free of ignorance. He dies because he’s an unnecessary addition to the web of ignorance in this city, as Clarisse did. The web of ignorance connecting each person in the city is similar to a spiders web. The silk in a spider 's web is the strength that keeps it up. Ignorance is the silk forming the web. The past city may have been destroyed but the ignorance and the power is still inside Montag and the professors. It’s an endless cycle that ends in destruction, discovery of strength, and

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