Essay Fahrenheit 451 Archetypal Analysis

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Tyriq Coleman
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In Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, the use of archetypes contributes to the overall strength of the novel. During when the various times the “light vs dark” archetypes are utilized and when the archetypical death and rebirth occurs to convey the extent of which the novel is strengthened by archetypes. In Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 the light vs dark archetype helps show to what extent archetypes are used to strengthen the novel when Montag is conversing with Clarisse after Mildred began reading her script. The author states “He felt his body divide itself into a hotness and a coldness, a softness and a hardness, a trembling and a not trembling, the two halves grinding one upon another.”{Bradbury
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The author writes ‘”Here now,’ said Montag ‘We’ll start over again at the beginning.”’ {Bradbury 65}. During this portion the story Montag is explaining the meanings of books to Mildred of who does not see their significance. When Montag says let’s start over , it is not meant mean lets reread the passage but as lets reinvent ourselves and become more self-aware. As opposed to the rest of society, who is ignorant to the fact that books are not something that should be outlawed but something that should be treasured. Books can carry many meaning and here we see Montag trying to tear down, death, Mildred’s old way of thinking and rebuild, rebirth, her with a new and more cognitive way of thinking. Also the text states “But every time he burnt himself up he sprang out of the ashes, he got himself burnt all over again.”{Bradbury 156}. Here, after the bombs drop, Montag and the hobos are talking and saying that humans are like a phoenix; they will persevere and come back from hardships, but without the knowledge of the past they are bound to do the same things over again. Montag and the men are saying that if the knowledge in the books is not passed along the world is bound to repeat itself, so they are going to try to bring back the books in hope that tragedy doesn’t happen

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