Facts And Facts About False Memory Essay examples

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An eyewitness claims to have seen a blue van drive away from the crime scene, but was the van really blue? If the eyewitness remembers seeing a blue van, but in reality, it was a white van at the scene, the witness may be experiencing a false memory. False memory is the changing of details of an event or remembering an event that did not happen. False memoires can have long lasting consequences and have been linked to important situations of high risk, like court room proceedings. There are usually three components of false memory. The first according to Bookbinder & Brainerd, is the remembering of events that never occurred, such as believing you were lost in a park as a child (2016). The second is that the false event involves a familiar subject for example, popcorn unlike falafel is a common snack (Bookbinder & Brainerd, 2016). The third is that the false event contains context of the actual event, like eating popcorn at the movie theaters when in fact it was ice cream (Bookbinder & Brainerd, 2016). Memories can integrate past experiences and confuse the encoding of the events, resulting in a false memory, but when the information is distinct this is less likely to happen (Lo, Chong, Ganesan, Leong & Chee, 2016). Even the mere suggestion of an event can become connected to other stories and the initial recognition of the suggestion will slowly deteriorate, leaving behind a false memory (Loftus & Pickrell, 1995). But some false memories may contain shocking and…

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