Gilbert Herschel: Unreliable Eyewitness Testimony

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To my fellow jury members I am for the final appeal, and I am in favor that Herschel will not be executed next month. I state my position on Gilbert Herschel being a victim of false identification. There are many factors that contribute to unreliable eyewitness testimony, and I do believe that it is unjust to execute a man based only on eyewitness testimony, with no further evidence. An eyewitness testimony is involved with the memory, and as humans we know our memory tends to fail us sometimes. In regards to memory, we have the role of interference, which makes it hard to either retain new or old material. This could infer that the memory of the incident could be partially lost, and what the eyewitness claims to see is what he thought he saw, …show more content…
These testimonies fall under Douglas Starr’s words. After the eyewitnesses were informed with further details of the case, they might have begun recreating their own scenarios in their mind, with the pieces of memory they had of the incident. It is very possible this happened because the human mind is known to be creative, and also sometimes what we think we tend to make into reality. Also, restating this could contribute to an unreliable eyewitness testimony, supporting the innocence of Herschel. According to Wade, Green, and Nash (2009) false eyewitness testimony can be produced through fabricated evidence. They mention that altering the individual’s beliefs could occur through false information or fabricated evidence (Wade, 2009). It allows the cultivation of false memories about certain events, whether personal or public (Wade, 2009). In this document they concluded that people will sometimes tend to make false accusations or eyewitness testimonies against another person, when they know the result of the accused person is to be punished (Wade, 2009). People sometimes tend to testify against things they never

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