Factors That Caused The Industrial Revolution Essay

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There is a number of significant milestones in the history of human mankind which completely changed the people´s lives. Either we think about the Fall of Rome, the discovery of America or the French Revolution, all of these turning points left a valuable trace for future generations. However, none had such extensive impact on future world development as the Industrial Revolution which is a synonym for modern economic growth. Industrialisation powerfully stimulated the flow of capital, free economy and trade were on its increase. There is a variety of reasons which allowed Britain to start the long path of transformation from a traditional and mainly rural to an industrial society during the 18th and 19th centuries. The main aim of this essay is therefore to examine the main causes which triggered the Industrial Revolution. There are three the most important factors of production which are necessary for the Industrial Revolution to happen and those are land, labour and capital. There must be a sufficient amount of appropriate land where factories could be build. Labour means enough people to work in factories and capital represents all the money needed for investment in new equipment. These factors are closely connected with each other and all together play an important role. Their significance will be explained in the following lines of this essay. First of all, the revolution in agriculture which took place during the 18th century encompasses the developments in the…

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