Factors That Affect The Water Crisis Essay

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By our research we were able to attain information of how much water we have, how long we have it for, as well as how much we need in order to reduce the stretch of our supply. In order to retain our supply of water for a two year period and further on in the future as well as able to fairly distribute it to other states that need it, it is required that we reduce the consumption of water usage by 13% by the most productive ways possible. With about 2.05194 × 1013 gallons of water in CA reservoirs, we must focus on the most feasible five factors that affect how we use our resource, which include the following: residential, agricultural which links well with environmental, civic, commercial, and industrial. In the long run, we should consider possible limitations such as the likelihood of receiving no rain or snow as well as turn our attention to programs that center on properly conserving and utilizing water for a longer duration. All these include proposed policies and other initiatives in helping the water crisis.

Key words: water, conservation, limited, storage, resources, population, geographic, conflicts, cost, and population
Residential Water Conservation:
There are several ways in which the conservation of water is not being followed. The average consumption of water at the residential sector is about 9 million acres per year. This is also about ¾ the amount of water that we should use yearly. Some appliances that residential uses are dishwashers, showers, toilets…

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