Factors That Affect Self Esteem Essay

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Questions, such as, “Who am I? What am I all about? What am I going to do with my life?” arise during the search of identity in adolescence. Furthermore, the opinions of peers, and identification with a group become important to an adolescent. These concepts are crucial to understand because there is a dramatic increase in the psychological importance of intimacy to close friends, according to Harry Stack Sullivan. During this phase, confidence, positive identity, and emotional maturity influence self-esteem. Some terms that affect self-esteem in adolescence are their identity, friendships, and risk of depression. Because adolescence is a time of identity exploration, adults should encourage adolescents to try different options to find what type of life they want in the future. Erik Erikson described this stage as identity versus identity confusion, which states that adolescents are faced with deciding who they are. This stage is to help adolescents discover who they are in the world. Those who successfully cope with conflicting identities emerge with a new sense of self, causing them to feel more acceptable. Nonetheless, adolescents who do not resolve this crisis will find themselves confused, later withdrawing and losing themselves in society. This concept is an important factor to take into account when dealing with self-esteem. Those who develop a healthy identity is flexible and adaptive. However, those who lose their sense of identity may tend to feel…

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