Interracial Dating Theory

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Society today still have racist ethnic groups that have an unaccepting attitude towards interracial marriages!“Actually I am a Christian and indeed a Roman Catholic so I do not expect history to be anything but a long defeat but though it contain and in a legend it may contain more clearly and movingly some samples or glimpse of final victory” - J.R.R. Tolkien If we have not learned anything from history, then why are we still in existence? History have shown and proven nothing last forever, somewhere along the line it must change. The question I ask myself constantly is, why do we treat one another unfairly? Are we that ignorant to the fact that we feel are world are cheapening when someone makes our lives unfair, but we do it to the …show more content…
The show has two charters that are dating, they are both from different races; Leonard Hofstadter is a white American man who 's has PH.D. and is an Experimental Physicist at the California Institute of Technology and Priya Koothrappali is an Indian women, she graduated the top of her class from Cambridge University also an attorney for the biggest car company in India. Her parents does not know they are dating, in one of the episodes she was video chatting with her parents and they brought up dating and end up telling her she should find a Indian man and not Leonard the white nerd. That is one example of why some people do not date outside of their race because of the respect they have for their parents. That leads to the question do we choose the people we want to fall-in love with or does love choose us. Now one of the main arguments that are used to show why interracial dating is not of the norm is education levels. I get it you do not want to date someone that you have to keep thinking for, or your parents or peers won 't accept. When we say education what do we mean? Is it how long you have gone to school and the degrees you have obtained or the traditions and the culture you were thought from birth. I say it’s both because in different cultures there are certain vales that are passed down. Most of the other countries hate or find American culture to be unstable with no real

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