Facade Of Happiness In The Great Gatsby Essay

In the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Daisy begins with a facade of happiness due to the societal expectation of a satisfying marriage with Tom, however her facade of happiness becomes her reality when she accepts that she is Tom’s possession, proving that while a facade can act as a temporary shielding from unwanted events, it can easily become one’s true identity.
Daisy portrays the role of a trophy wife in attempt to depict her and Tom’s own marriage as ideal and perfect, although she is unsatisfied with her fake identity, she will do anything for Tom’s love and acceptance. From the beginning, Daisy’s rich lifestyle with Tom is evident through the way she acts and speaks during their dining. When Tom and Nick are trying
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Her facade of happiness becomes clear since Daisy boasts about Tom and acts as if she adores being a trophy wife although it is all done with the true expression of instinctive sadness. Although she is truly sad, Daisy portrays her marriage as blissful, being full of love and support, and deepens her facade of happiness so that she does not receive judgement from others who will not approve of her dissatisfaction.
When Daisy’s facade of happiness, becomes transparent to Gatsby and therefore is jeopardized, she attempts to seek the attention of Tom so that he will still want her. As Tom and Gatsby share the same desire for Daisy, Daisy uses this competition with Gatsby to make Tom jealous, until Gatsby calls out Daisy’s facade claiming, “‘Her voice is full of money,’ he said suddenly” (120). By describing Daisy’s voice, Gatsby speaks about the outward appearance she displays, which is her facade of a satisfied wealthy young woman. All the materials included in Daisy’s extravagant lifestyle, including Tom as a husband, is categorized in the word “money” which then creates a connotation on Daisy and her facade that she is similar this materialistics items, being falsely praised
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The beautiful young women creates a facade of happiness for herself, in order to be the satisfied trophy wife she is expected to be with a respectable man like Tom. However, when this facade is threatened, she does not want to lose her appearance as a desirable trophy wife, therefore she accepts that she is a possession of her husband, overall losing her true

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