Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close By Safran Foer Essay

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In the novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Safran Foer, Oskar is a nine year old boy who just lost his dad, Thomas, in the devastating terror attack on the twin towers on 9-11. This little boy is an interesting piece, he is trying to stay connected to his dad even though he is gone and to make sure that he knows he still loves him. Oskar had a close relationship with his dad and spent most of his time with him when he was alive. Oskar was in his fathers’ room looking at all the stuff he had laying around and to remember him, Oskar found an envelope in his dads’ closet, hidden in a vase inside was a key that had the name Black in red pen on the envelope. This is when Oskar is set on an adventure to find out what the key opens and the way he react to all the people he meets on his quest. The way Oskar reacts when he comes home on the day of the attack on the twin towers, defines how he is as a person. Oskar was let out of school early, when he arrived home the house was empty, he didn’t know why he was let out until he heard the messages on the phone machine his dad left. When his dad called again he was too scared to answer the phone so he let it keep ringing and ringing. When the message cut off his father was gone, the first thing he thought to do was go to the store and get a new phone. When he was at the store he saw the video of the twin tower and the smoke from the planes striking them. When Oskar got home he recorded the intro of the voicemail and took the…

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