External Internal Factors Paper

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External/Internal Factors Paper

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The McDonald’s Corporation is a present and ongoing future global market leader. Operating in one hundred plus countries McDonald’s has to focus on the international and local trade and investment. To do so this global market leader must utilize new and creative technology to allow companies/businesses to develop new products/solutions to further the company’s success. Customer satisfaction and advertising is the common goal. To meet these demands McDonald’s has to strongly urge it’s components to think of what McDonald’s has to gain from diversity. From a daily scope McDonald’s reaches just about every culture, which leads to many unclear
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The people walking across the parking lot of an industrial estate in Chicago last Wednesday looked like countless others going to work across America that morning. The exterior of the prefabricated gray building provided little clue that inside was anything other than a small company going about its everyday business. But in this unremarkable location, the future of one of the world’s most famous companies was being mapped out in detail. This is McDonald’s “innovation center”, the place where new menu items are dreamt up and restaurants designed.
So confidential is the work going on here that visitors are prohibited from taking photographs as they wander past the mocked-up restaurant counters and images of potential McDonald’s products such as Salmon with Lemon Dill Sauce and Pilaf, and Gourmet Apple Pie.
The idea that this type of up market food might be sold in the home of the hamburger would have been preposterous only a few years ago. But the efforts to change the 32,000 golden arches restaurants across the globe underline the urgency with which the company has had to reinvent itself.
McDonald’s Corporate Mission Requires Diversity
Diversity at the most is an integrated part of McDonald’s current and future business success. Diversity is not just a moral and ethical issue, but is also a business issue. There are more then “30,000 restaurants in over 100 countries around the world”

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