Export China Thailand Essay

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Management Summary
Most important conclusions of each chapter if the manager of the particular company reads this summary, he or she will have gathered enough essential information to make reading the rest of the report unnecessary (max.1 page)
Opportunities to choose the United States as an export country are the growth of the population, the high GDP per capita and the location of our target group. But the biggest opportunity is the increasing popularity of Asian food and the growth of the amount of Asian restaurant that comes with it.
On the other hand there are some threats when exporting to the U.S. The exchange rate of the U.S. dollar, cultural differences and the required visa you need for visiting the U.S.

Table of contents
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Thereafter, follows the country analysis of China and Thailand, with regard to the purchase of Asian Gastronomy interior for our start-up company. Based on this analysis we will come to the country of choice and the selection of preferable producers for our products and suppliers. Furthermore, there is a country analysis of the USA and Australia, with regard to the sales of our products. Based on this analysis we will come to the choice of our export country and the selection of preferable customers and competitors. And this constitutes our external analysis.
Finally, our company will find out by answering some key questions whether we are ready for the export of our products to the United States and Australia. These questions are stated in the research proposal.

Chapter 2
2.1 Introduction
With regards to the selected export countries, Australia and the United States, we are doing research for the needs of Asian interior in Asian restaurants, restaurants and other catering facilities with more detail for chain businesses. For these countries an internal analyses was made. Is there a demand factor for Asian catering interior for Australian and United States markets?
In the next capitals we will give a short description for the reason of exporting Asian catering interior, what the goal is for exporting Asian catering interior to these mentioned countries and we will discuss the central question and the sub questions. Also, we

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