Exploring Mourning Practices Through Social Media Essay example

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Exploring mourning practices through social media sites to discuss the relationship between remembrance or memory and contemporary mediated society.
Social media effectively offers a platform for people to publically mourn; be it the death of a loved one, a celebrity, or a national tragedy, platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are filled with tributes and commemorations. Due to the increasing availability and participatory nature of the web, the internet has become an increasingly popular means of memorialisation, by offering a public space for people to come together in remembrance. Through this essay I intend to explore the public mourning process and what the discourse produced says about today’s society.
Over the past ten years the online communication and sharing of information from person to person has increased dramatically. The term social media was established in the emergence of Web 2.0, and is essentially a web portal created through the “ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0 that makes the interactive nature of creation and exchange of user-generated content possible”. (Kaplan Andreas M.& Haenlein Michael, 2010: p.61). Basically social media is a broad term to define a web portal that facilitates digital interaction between networks. Participation in public conversations via social networking have become a feature of contemporary society with platforms such as twitter and Facebook becoming integral to daily life. It is these platforms that are…

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