Exploiting Music Publishing Copyrights Essay

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Music Publishing Essay Over the past fifty years, the British Music Publishing industry has undergone dramatic changes. It has evolved as an entity with innovations in technology, changes and creations of laws and new mediums to promote and exploit songs to a wider audience. Therefore, the way in which the music publishing industry operates and exploits its assets has completely transformed, and continues to do so at a rapid pace. This paper will attempt to explore the ways in which publishers exploit song copyrights and the way in which this has changed over the past 60 years. It is important to define what is meant by copyright and its role within the industry. The Performing Right Society website states: “Copyright …show more content…
The following decades saw a further increase in channels and the opening of British Satellite Broadcasting. The implication of such innovations is that music publishers could access a far wider audience than previously possible and therefore had more potential to exploit their song copyrights with the United Kingdom and to other countries. Additionally, this era saw rise of commercial television, and thus a secondary means of exploiting song copyrights. A song appearing in an advert generates promotion and can incur a rise in sales for it. For example, Eames, T. (2012) comments: “Public Enemy’s track ‘Harder Than You Think’ has continued to rise in the singles chart since its use in a recent Paralympics advert. Spotify has revealed that the track has seen a 3000% increase in streams since its use in the commercial. It has risen to number 11 in the UK singles chart, and has also reached the top five in the iTunes chart.” This example shows that utilizing a song copyright in adverts can be a highly successful way of secondary exploitation. It also indicates that song reuse can be successful, as it was originally released in 2007 and was more commercially and financially successful in 2012. Another example is the Phil Collins song ‘In The Air Tonight’ featured in the 2007 Cadbury’s campaign, which saw sales in the song increase. Davis, S. and Laing, D. (2006) comment: “nowadays,

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