Personal Narrative: My Three Close Family Deaths

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Throughout my life I have really only experienced three close family deaths. The first family death that I experienced was my great grandmother. I was only ten years old when she passed away, so it was all very strange to me. It was the first family funeral that I had to attend and I do not think I fully understood it. The one thing I remember most about her death is the day she died in the hospital. My parents and I had gone to the hospital to visit her because the doctors had called and said she was getting worse. I remember begging my parents to let me see her and they would not allow me to go in her hospital room. I was younger then so I could not understand why my parents would not let me go in there. I learned when I was older …show more content…
I definitely believe that the dealing with deaths gets a lot harder as you get older. I believe this is true because you have more time to get very close with them and you also understand it a lot more when you’re older. This was by far the emotionalist I have ever been my entire life. My grandmother had been sick a lot and she fell off the bed one night. She eventually made it to the hospital, was put on a ventilator and was diagnosed with COPD. She stayed in the hospital for almost two weeks before they eventually just put her in a regular hospital room. I had went to see her everyday for two weeks, and I knew that the fifteenth day that I went that it was going to be the last. There was just something in my heart that knew it was the day. One thing that helped me come to peace a little with her death is that I had to sit there and watch her suffer and struggle to breathe for almost two weeks and I did not want to see her suffer anymore. Another thing that helped calm my emotions was what the doctor told us. The doctor had informed us that her lungs were so damaged that if she had fallen off the bed that night she would not have survived until the morning. This helped because her death was not unexpected; we had a couple of weeks to prepare for what was coming. One thing that surprised me was my opinion after the funeral was over. I am not a very emotional person, so I

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