Expectations And Traditions Of Berida's Family

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Berida grew up in a completely different culture than I have been exposed to. It was interesting to hear about the different expectations and traditions that Berida had. Where she was from, it was custom that the parents are to set up the marriage for their daughter. There is no dating or courtship but the parents arrange it all. To start the process, the father has to receive bride wealth from the man that wanted to marry the daughter. The situation was a little different for Berida because she refused to marry the man that her father was ordering her to marry. She did not like the man and did not plan on marrying him. Her father was upset with Berida for this and he beat her. Her father has to return all of the bride wealth that the man …show more content…
She had problems with the way Ndambuki handled things. She found that he was not very helpful and left her often. He would leave to find work while she stayed home with the family, she would have to wait on him to send money for her to feed their family. Not long after marrying, Ndambuki began abusing alcohol. He was no longer thinking of his family but only himself. He began using all the money to buy alcohol rather than buy food to feed his starving children and wife. Berida was also a cause for concern. She became very ill and Ndambuki was not there to take care of her. She would get sick often and other members of his or her family would end up caring for her and also paying for the treatment. Since Ndambuki was still using most of the money for alcohol, Berida began working to try and feed their children. Berida had high expectation for her children. She spent a lot of money of them to make sure they were clothed nicely and that they all had to opportunity to get an education. She also took on the responsibility to pay for each of their weddings. All of the money she spent on her children, she could have used for herself for when she was older and on her own but she was selfless and wanted to give it all for her children. She worked so hard to have her children. She had 6 children die and that was very difficult for her to go through especially being

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