Expectancy Between Developed Countries And Developing Countries

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The first concept I chose is the overall trend in life expectancy between developed countries and less developed countries throughout time. The two variables I have chosen to illustrate this are life expectancy in years and income per person (or GDP/capita) because we tend to determine level of development of a country based on the income and GDP per person.
My observations reflect the concept because countries with higher income per person (such at The United States, Germany, or the UK) tend to have higher life expectancy rates than countries with lower income per person rates (such as Zambia, Afghanistan, or Nepal) over time. My observations also show that as the income per person in developed countries goes up the life expectancy rate goes up however in less developed countries as time progresses the life expectancy climbs but income per person in these countries is very slow in growing.
The data shows that overall, developed countries have had higher rates of life expectancy than less developed countries. Additionally, there were drops in life expectancy around the times of World Wars and of the Spanish Flu. In less developed countries, particularly those in Africa, there are drops in life expectancy around times of disease (Spanish Flu), when there were wars/civil wars and during when these countries infrastructures and governments were/are not fully developed.
The data reflects what we have learned about onset of modernity around the late 1800s early 1900s in developed…

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