Essay on Executive Orders And The Executive Power

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This paper will consider the functions, limitations, and purpose of the executive power in the United States with particular focus on executive orders, war powers, and implied powers. The President holds several additional duties, some of which are based on tradition and not directly listed in the Constitution and those too will also be analyzed and discussed. The U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court cases, and academic journals are sources that will be referred to in distinguishing and defining the powers of the executive branch. The President holds the power to conduct executive orders which allows him to “carry out the laws, executive agencies issue rules and regulations and Presidents rely on executive orders and proclamations.” It is important to note that executive orders cannot change existing laws. There have been many executive orders and proclamations created in the U.S. that the number of them could be anywhere upwards of up to 50,000. For example, “on August 9, 2013, President Obama issued Proclamation 9002.” Executive orders concern themselves with many things but are not limited to tariff duties, taxes, healthcare, and imports on oil. There is a certain level of controversy surrounding executive orders when reflecting on some of the more memorable ones.
In the past the President has overreached in his power granted to him by the Constitution during times of emergencies and war. “In times of crisis presidents often lay claim to extraordinary powers to preserve…

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