Social Identity Theory Research Paper

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Exclusion and acceptance is central in our lives, we see it everywhere - from work, from friends, from romantic relationships, even from strangers-, it is essential to humans, we rely on social groups for survival. A social group identifies a person’s identity. Psychology is the study of human thinking and behavior. However, being rejected socially is proven as the major contributing factor to the negative and positive actions of human behavior. Denial can be hurtful and upsetting so why do people reject?, contributing factors may include jealousy, annoyance, cultural or racial bias, shyness..etc. This type of behavior may continue in adulthood and as it is being aimed at you, this type of conduct is known as silent bullying. Being part of a team (in-group) in a social group psychologically identifies a person as being a member, nevertheless an out-group is known in psychology as a social group than an individual does not identify. Social rejection can persuade emotions, low self-esteem and even your physical wellbeing/health. …show more content…
Being rejected from an in-group causes a negative effect on self-esteem also known as your self confidence. Getting blown off by friends or being dumped by your boyfriend, that can have a real impact on our lives, these effects affects the way we feel about ourselves, it may reduce the quality of a person’s life in many different ways. Gender differences in self-esteem studies show that males have a higher rate of self-esteem problems compared to females. These effects may be traced back to past or ongoing stressful events for example, a relationship breakdown, troubles in

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