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Newsletter, Research Paper, and Mailing Labels

Project Description:
In the following project, you will format a newsletter by inserting pictures and screenshots, applying two-column formatting, and adding a border to a paragraph. You will edit and format a research paper by inserting footnotes, creating citations, and formatting a bibliography. You will also create mailing labels.

For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:
Points Possible
Start Word. Download and open the file named go_w03_grader_h3.docx.
On Page 1, click at the beginning of the newsletter title. Insert an online picture from Office.com Clip Art, by searching for
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On the last line of Page 4, insert a MLA style bibliography (not under Built-In).
At the end of the document, insert a manual page break. Save, but do not close, the go_w03_grader_h3.docx document.
Press CTRL + N to open a new blank Word document. In the new blank Word document, start the Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard. Set the document type to labels and then proceed to step 2. Select Avery US Letter labels, product number 5160 Easy Peel Address Labels. Select the downloaded file w03_labels.docx as the recipients list. Insert an Address block using the default Joshua Randall Jr. format, and then match the fields. Match the Address 2 field to the Unit field, and then update the labels. Preview the labels, and then select the Word table that forms the labels. Change the Spacing Before to 3 pt and then complete the merge.

From the merged labels document, select and copy the first row of the table containing the mailing labels. Return to the go_w03_Grader_h3.docx file. With the insertion point at the top of Page 5, paste the copied mailing labels.
Save and close the go_w03_Grader_h3.docx file. Close all other documents without saving the

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