Examples Of Symbolic Interactionism

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Symbolic Interactionism is symbolic meaning that people used to interact in the society. Different cultures and subcultures might have their own ways of symbolic interactionism which focuses on social interaction among particular group of people. It is used for different culture identity as well and it is the view that people react to other people and objects based on the personal views. With symbols, meaning, and interaction, the self or identity could be a basic concept in symbolic interactionism (Sullivan, 14). Some of the important examples we see in our day today lives are religious symbols, traffic signs, and also sign language. Traffic lights is the most common social interaction we see between different people interacting each other by obeying traffic rules. Red for stop and green for go which is very important to obey in order to make the society safer.
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It is possible to argue that social media such as Facebook, instagram, and twitter has contributed and opened path to the development of symbolic interactionism. Communication, meaning, language and thoughts expressions are perceived as components of symbolic interactionism (Research Methodology). We use many symbols to communicate with people through social media. Some examples may be emoticons and text abbreviation. People constantly use these to communicate and express their feelings through texts. Emoticons can be the most popular application that young people love to use as a interaction, because it has a better way of expressing feelings through facial expression rather than explain in words. For example, if a person is happy or angry, using a smiley face or angry face will be prefered rather than text “I’m so happy” or “I'm mad” and it will be a much faster method. Symbolic Interactionism is important part of people's lives but way people communicate is changing over time and definitely getting

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