Examples Of Social Stratification

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Social Stratification

The unequal rights and privileges distributed among the members of a society is social stratification. Based off this we can now determine how it affects different parts of society, such as social classes. In addition to social stratification, there are four systems of stratification that sociologist focus on. These Four systems are slavery, like forced labor slavery practiced Greece. Castes, as in set roles/ trades of the members of society like a priest. The estate, such as a highly positioned noble owning/ managing a plot of land. Finally class, the current position one has in a society differing from lower to upper classes. Another piece of social stratification is the state of the systems, only states being opened
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Now we don 't have to remain in this class forever, we are entitled to our own position in society, all thanks to a thing called social mobility. With social mobility we have another term called cultural capital this is the assets that give us social mobility. These assets revolve around our own like our education, the type of clothes we wear, etc. In society we of course will have many differences, some of these differences are in class and power. In class, cultural capital makes a person and all people being different groups form in society creating class differences. Also in power, cultural capital defines the people in groups and that makes eventually forms the amount of power each group in society has. There are three resources that shape our position in social mobility, material, social, and cultural. In material resources cultural capital distinguishes the owner’s/ controller’s roles in the material resources. Then in social resources, cultural capital accents the differentiation of people’s roles in social resources. Lastly in cultural resources, cultural capital adds more detail to cultural resources. In addition cultural capital is expressed through many parts and activities we have in society. These can be like attire, cultural capital expresses this through wealth, personality,etc. We also have housing that has position, education, knowledge, etc. Then for vacations there is position and wealth. Also for food we have knowledge,skill, speech, etc. Lastly for sport we have personality, skills, speech,

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