Examples Of Racism In Naked By Joyce Carol Oates

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Sexual Racism in the American Societies The short story Naked by Joyce Carol Oates talks about anonymous female figure that lived a big shock because of the violence event she went through, that she was attacked by group of children which includes boys and girls, the eldest child was 12 years old. The writer describes those children in the story that they were, “small pack of black children…” this quote from the story would give the reader a hint to think if this story is about racism in America between white and black people. Different short stories that Oates writes focuses specifically about everyday experiences people would face in their realistic lives that would give them the time to think what’s going around them in their societies. In addition, after the attack that the forty-six years old woman experienced set the next sequence …show more content…
As a women she’s always in the middle of the circle, a spot light is pointed to her, that she is for 99% could done a sin but not be betrayed by anyone else.
One of the most important examples in the story that shows her absolute idea that she is wrong even though she is not, but that what will others think about her is says, “This is what you deserve, a voice meanly consoled her, but she was too weakened, too much in pain, to respond.” This quote proves that this woman knew that she didn’t do any thing wrong, but according to the formatting that her society created put her to live in, tells her that she is wrong for a reason or not.
From Christine E. Atkins article “This What You Deserve”: Rape as Rite of Passage in Joyce Carol Oates’s “Naked” discussed the idea of what led women to be victimized by men so easily, according to the cultural rape scripts that deal with sexual violence as a normal action to women. The article states

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