Examples Of Poverty And Social Exclusion

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Poverty and Social Exclusion – Adivasis
Given the hierarchal structure of our Indian society, exclusion linked deprivation is associated to groups like Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs) and Other Backward Classes (OBCs) which comprise a large segment of the population. Social exclusion in layman’s language is the lack of equal opportunities for some groups which restricts their political, social and economic participation in an economy. This was the case of Hasari Pal in the movie ‘City of Joy’ who moves to Calcutta in search of job along with his family but is thrown out on the streets and is deprived of appropriate job opportunities. The article mainly analyzes the socially marginalized groups of Scheduled Tribes in terms of disparities towards
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Adivasis comprised of a fourth of the total population living in the poorest conditions in the year 2005. Also, states inhabiting high tribal population, the poverty rates amongst these groups were as high as that of the entire nation in 2004-2005. For example, Orissa has 75% of the Adivasi households that fall below the poverty line. Social exclusion faced by these tribes adds to their plight of their dismal state of poverty.
The seclusion does not only limit to the entire tribe but is also internal to the group. Adivasis mainly reside in the North eastern states. But there are a few who are the inhabitants of the central and western states. Access to reserved jobs were only limited to the urban tribes and not to those who lived in the rural areas. So, there was reduction in the urban poverty with such programs but the rural poverty amongst these tribes remained unchanged. A factor that can be attributed for this kind of disparity is the lack of efficiency in the dissemination of any schemes implemented as development and empowering measures. Good Governance is the one where any policy reaches the lowest level and benefits all rather than limiting

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