Elements Of Geography Of The Great Gatsby

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Geography- In this novel the element of geography is more dominant. Fitzgerald combines real and fictional places to create an ideal setting for the story. Through the main protagonists of this novel which live in a places divided by a bay according to their social class we can see four main places in the novel.
1.West Egg- represents the newly rich people. It is a place that represents the mood of the 1920s. Is where Nick moves to when he finds a job in New York and where he meets his neighbor Mr. Gatsby. Gatsby throws parties in hopes that one day Daisy will show up. In these parties went the most random group of people – artists, criminals, salesmen, politicians and so on. When finally Daisy appears in one of the parties she was terrified by Gatsby’s world and surrounding people. She was determined to choose Tom and East Egg rather than Gastby and his lavish parties.
2. East Egg-represents
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The Great Gatsby is not only Fitzgerald’s best known novel but also it is considered one of the best known classics of literature in the world. While reading and analyzing this book I have found it very interesting and enjoyable, the events flow, the narrator description of them, the impact of the green light to these events makes this book different and very interesting.
As the thesis of this paper is critical analysis, despite my thoughts and my opinions for this book, also I was based on what other well-known critics and writers have said for this novel, and what mostly influenced my thoughts was the opinion of the well-known writer T. S. Eliot:
“In fact, it seems to me to be the first step American fiction has taken since Henry James”
First the reader of this paper is introduced with author’s biography, with his life and works. Then, some relevant information about this novel are given. The paper follows the plot summary of the novel, the analysis of the major characters, internal and external conflicts, and the most important themes, motifs and

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