Examples Of Adolescence In Catcher In The Rye

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Register to read the introduction… In the beginning of the novel, Holden describes his life as a teenager. He describes how he has trouble in school and how he doesn't fit in with peers, especially women, his own age. The novel also shows that as children grow older they start to lose their innocence and try hard to fit in with their peers. The Catcher In The Rye reveals many aspects of the time period of which it was written. One of the biggest coherent aspect is the idealistic nature of everything in the novel. Holden is guided through the events in his life based on ideals. He doesn't really think about what he does, but chooses based on his beliefs. The Catcher In The Rye shows several distinct beliefs about society. Salinger uses many of these beliefs to build the protagonist Holden Morrissey. The beliefs of holden contribute to many of his conflicts and actions throughout the course of the novel. Holden's beliefs and actions give the reader a sense of connection to the protagonist in many ways. The way Holden went through the early part of his life relates to people that have a hard time fitting in. This gives the novel a powerful flow that the reader can reflect

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