Examining The Aspects Of The Attachment Theory Essay

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Unarguably, it is relevant to mention that various psychologists extensively explored the various themes regarding the aspects of the attachment theory. This theory connotes the evaluation of the emotional attachment between infants and mothers. Crucially, the "Evidence for Infants’ Internal Working Models of Attachment” report provides a brief perspective of the psychological interest regarding this theme. Previous studies have provided various vital conclusions regarding the topic. Harlow’s experiment assesses the impacts of attachment on the future behavioral and social aspects of individuals (Harlow, 1958). According to him, the value and critical significance of attachment lie in the providence of comfort and assurance apart from nutritional value. His experiment elicited that infants, often, develop a sense of attachment after receiving both nutritional benefits and a general sense of comfort. It is relevant to note that his experiment included a rhesus monkey that preferred a spongy mother model to a wire model that provided nutrition. According to the article, Harlow tried to further previous research that highlighted the various aspects of the attachment theory. Psychoanalytical psychologists still try to evaluate the interplay of factors that connote how offspring attach to the maternal figures and how it may influence the social interactions of adult life.
Notably, the “Evidence for Infants’ Internal Working Models of Attachment” study elicits various crucial…

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