Evolution Of The Modern World

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The history of humankind is an extremely complex process unlike any other. The complicated process has lasted about two million years. Humans are still evolving and creating new things to further improve the modern world. Based on the book, Sapiens, I can conclude that three things conceptualized the modern world, the Cognitive Revolution, the Agricultural Revolution, and the Scientific Revolution. These three events shaped the modern world into what it is today and without any of these three events the world would not be the same today. These three events most importantly shaped the modern world and the course of history into what it is today. The Cognitive Revolution kick-started history, the Agricultural Revolution sped up the process, and …show more content…
(Page 77) Before this, humans fed themselves by gathering plants and hunting animals that lived and bred without their intervention. (Page 77) Once Sapiens started only caring after a few animal and plant species it started the Agricultural Revolution. They stopped relying on hunting and gathering and instead focused on cultivating crops and domesticating animals. This shaped the way that our modern society works. There is still lots of agriculture that takes place today in the modern world. “With all of our advanced technology more than 90 percent of the calories that feed humanity come from the handful of plants that our ancestors domesticated between 9500 and 3500 BC – wheat, rice, maize, potatoes, millet and barley.” (Page 78) This just shows the impact that the agricultural revolution had on the modern world. Without this revolution, we would not have 90 percent of the calories that humanity consumes. With the increase in food supply also came the increase in population. Since people were making more food they could afford to have more children. Which led to a massive population growth over the entire world. This shows that the Agricultural Revolution started the mass production of food and the start of a steady population growth. Both of these things are still huge in the modern world and it shows that the Agricultural …show more content…
(Page 249) This revolution is extremely important to the modern world because it is what is shaping our modern world today. The modern world is in the Scientific Revolution today. The Scientific Revolution happened because humankind is trying to make it easier on themselves to live. They are making technological advancements and pouring billions of dollars into scientific research. The US has poured billions of dollars into the study of nuclear physics. (Page 249) They are doing this to create nuclear power stations which can provide cheap electricity for American industries. (Page 249) There are three reasons why the Scientific Revolution started: human kind accepts ignorance and wants to learn the unknown about the world, modern science aims to obtain new levels of knowledge, and to acquire new powers. (Page 251) This is the reason why the Scientific Revolution started and in the modern world, humans are still trying to do these things. The revolution is shaping the modern world day by day. Every time that a new discovery is made or a new invention is created it is shaping our modern world. If the Scientific Revolution never took place the modern world would look totally different. The modern world would still be underdeveloped and not technologically advanced in any way. The whole world would look completely different. This is why I think that the

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