Evolution Of The Black Aesthetic Essay

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1. Evolution of Black Aesthetic
At the end of world war two approximately the mid 1920 is the black aesthetic developed as a group initiative. Finally, the Negro was challenged with a new sense of potential for the future. Through art, expression of racial pride was encouraging. This developed a new sense of identity for the African American.

2. Harlem Renaissance In 1910, a group of African Americans bought property on 135th and fifth ave, As world War one progressed many more Negros arrived because the migration from Europe decreased. The war demanded unskilled labor; this brought hundreds of thousands of African Americans to the cities of Chicago, New Your city, Philadelphia, and Cleveland. During this period, Harlem became a global community. There was a major shift in which Negro people claimed the authority to speak and represent themselves along with experiences. The purpose of this movement was to interconnect the Negro community consciousness rather than rebellion against the white privileged population. This movement forced the world to become aware of the cultural contributions of Black artists. Aesthetics gave the Negro a voice against repression, and establish themselves economical, politically and socially. However, extreme racial conditions disintegrated the Negros efforts. These critics state that the renaissance created an outlet to introduce the world to the black artist but did little to challenge oppression of black people.

3. “Criteria of Negro…

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