Evolution Of Creationism And Creationism Essay

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What is the “right” science to teach students, creationism or evolution? The teaching of creationism and evolution in classes has been a huge controversy over the past decades. The belief that God created the world in a few days or that humans evolved from organisms long ago is still a battle today. Many people believe the idea of evolution because there is evidence to support the arguments that earth slowly developed through natural selection to what we know it as today. Although, there is a portion of people that believe that God created heaven and earth and planted a garden full of animals with Adam and Eve as the only humans on earth. State curricular has improved since creationism has lost every big federal court case for the past 40 years (2011). They (Berkman & Plutzer, 2011) suggest that there should be an increased focus in preservice teachers since they are the ones that will be teaching biology next. They have seen that teachers who do not favorite evolution or who teach creationism are less likely to have completed a course in evolution that teachers who are advocates for evolutionary biology. Completing evolution courses relates to a better possibility of classroom time consisting of evolution and teachers integrating evolution in class. Requiring an evolution course for preservice biology teachers lead to improvement in middle school and high school science instruction. Belin and Kisida (2015) investigate relationships between state science standards…

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