Evolution And Evolution: The Theory Of Evolution

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The Theory of Evolution is contested on many fronts. It is a theory that provides the intricacies of all life, development and the adaptation of life on Earth. The theory allows for the makeup and adjustment of species to either create the best, most efficient, or on the contrary sentence a species to extinction. There are many elements to explaining how evolution works and is justified to demonstrate how the world is. The study of fossils, biogeography, natural selection, comparative embryology, comparative Anatomy, and molecular biology elaborately prove the theory to be true. As with all theories though it must be tested and proven to become a scientific proof. The study of fossils has provided substantial evidence to the theory …show more content…
This allows for the predictive analysis to occur and discoveries within the theory to be discovered. For example this allows for scientists to assess and correlate data of strata across the Earth, and allowing identification and analysis on where to look for transitional species and other factual data for the benefit within evolution.
This leads into biogeography which discloses information about the spread or distribution of species across the world. This includes the geographic isolation that allows branches to occur from an originating species (allowing for evolution to create different species based on environment). Isolation creates an opportunity for evolution when a single species is cut off or separated; either separated slightly via mountain ranges or with vast differences such as plate tectonics through shifting of continents. This specific branch within evolution may answer speciation as a whole (Coyne, 2009, p.
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This can be as easy as an individual trait amongst a species that enhances survival. This is best explained through an external color of an insect that provides better camouflage in an environment making it less easy to become prey by birds. The color of the insect will likely be passed down through heredity compared to their counterparts that are easier to spot by predators (Berkeley, n.d.). Sooner or later there will be no ‘stand-outs’ and all insect will be of the same color due to natural selection providing the best survival mechanism for a species to continue. This is the most crucial for evolution as it changes species efficiently to survive through the process of elimination of harmful

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