Evolution And Devolution Of The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Evolution & Devolution of the Civil Rights’ Movement

As Nelson Mandela once said, “ to deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity ( Brainyquote: “Human Rights Quotes.”)” The difficult struggle for people to obtain their rights has been one long, enduring, unforgiving, yet sometimes promising event. Every time humans take a step forward in reaching the goal of their civil rights and equality it’s like they’re pushed another step backwards. This is a battle that has been raging on since the time of Jackson to McKinley to today where it still rages on with things like gay rights.
Many events from 1800 to 1890 show the endurance and hardships that the people of that time faced during their movement towards the obtainment of their civil rights. For example, after fighting for their basic right of freedom for many centuries, African Americans took a leap towards that goal when in 1783, Massachusetts became the first state to outlaw slavery. Another progressive movement towards the abolition of slavery was made when the U.S. banned the trading of slaves in 1808, the practice however, still continued. Then along came the Missouri Compromise where the Union pledged to maintain a balance of 12 slave states and 12 free states. During the time an important and revolutionary hearing took place called the Dred Scott case where the Court ruled that slaves did not become free when escaping a slave state and entering a free state. Then in 1861, the Confederate…

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