Everyday Use By Alice Walker Essay

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Who Are We? Culture is a learned behavior as much as it is inherited. Culture will influence someone’s identity and how they see the world. Each individual identifies with some aspect of their cultural background for a sense of belonging, whether it is cultural assimilation, societal participation, inherited traits or a combination of the three. Although, people of different cultures are influenced by family, the individual is also influenced by society. “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker shows different people belonging to the same culture that have differences that define them and their outlook on culture. “We Would Like You to Know” by Ana Castillo expresses that skin color, stereotypes, and assumptions of a culture do not define someone’s individuality. The short story and poem show the many different identities someone grows into through their own views and influenced views by society. “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker gives examples of people from the same cultural background and the different stances on family heritage each family member has. The influence of cultural assimilation in society affects self-identity. Mama, a matriarch values her heritage while her daughters both have similar but different views towards their cultural history. Dee/Wangero looks to her mother’s quilts and butter churn as historical items that she wants to have on display at her apartment. Mama holds onto the quilts and butter churn passed down from one family member to the next as an…

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