Everyday Use By Alice Walker Essay

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The Theme behind “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker
In “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker the most important elements that allow the reader to comprehend this short fictional story’s theme include the setting, characters, and symbolism. The short story “Everyday Use” theme touches on heritage and the two differing views and understanding of the word within one family. The narrative perspective, differing points of views in the dialogue, rising of action, climax, and resolution all entice readers into the story and allows them to comprehend the connotation. This brief essay will explain how Alice Walker used these elements in her short fictional story to assist her readers grasp the underlying significance and theme, which is heritage and family history.
In the beginning of the story, “Everyday Use”, Walker presents the exposition by one of the main characters, Mama, who gives background information regarding her daughters (Maggie and Dee or Wangero), their house, and etc. while identifying what the author wants the reader to focus on in this writing. Walker had Mama’s character narrate while pinpointing the setting engulfing the readers into their world. These two elements setting, and character were implemented to give her readers an overall attentiveness to the plot, while identifying the protagonist (Mama) and antagonist (Dee or Wangero) who are the main characters that move the story forward.
As the writing progresses, Walker’s takes on two different points of view as Mama and…

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