Everyday Use And Marriage Is A Private Affair Essay

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At some point in our life’s we come across our parents judgments when we get married to a certain someone we chose or simply choosing to live a different life than what we were raised in. In the two short stories “Everyday use” and “Marriage is a private affair” we come across those similar situations where the grown child takes his or her decisions in life without their parent approval. I will compare and contrast those two short stories and show you the similarities between them.
As we read in the story “Marriage is a private affair” a father has plan a surprise for his son named Nnaemeka to give him the best wife he could possibly find, only to be at his likings and not Nnaemeka. What the father doesn’t know is that Nnaemeka already found a wife and believes to be perfect for him. The relationship between Nnaemeka and his father isn’t good as Nnaemeka dad has different views about marriage. Nnaemeka father believes that he should be with a good Christian woman only that has house training, who keeps quiet and doesn’t have the right to talk. When Nnaemeka talked to his father and told him he will not marry the woman he chose for him, but instead marry the woman he loves, his father couldn’t believe what he was saying and refuse to accept this “pathetic” woman in his life as she wasn’t good enough for his liking. Towards the end of the story we read that the father juggles between accepting her and letting them both in his life and having nothing to do with her and he’s…

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