Every Trip Is A Quest Essay

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Chapter 1 every Trip is a Quest (Except When It 's not) Summary: Foster discusses the idea that though many details are different, every quest has the similar archetype or makeup. There is always a protagonist on a quest, a place they must go, a stated reason to go to their location, and challenges and trials they encounter on their way. Also, Foster states the reason any quest truly occurs is self-knowledge. This is proven by the fact people who go on quests are young, showing they have an ability to learn new lessons unlike most of their older counterparts. QUOTE- "The reason they go on a quest NEVER involved the stated reason... They don 't know enough about the only subject that really matters: themselves" (Foster 3). PERSONAL EXAMPLE- In the novel IT by Stephen King, the protagonist Bill goes on a quest claiming to have to goal of avenging his brother. While he does this, he also has the underlying goal of self-knowledge.
Chapter 2 (Nice to Eat with You: Acts of Communion) Summary- In chapter 2, Foster discusses the importance of meals and of sharing food in literature. While people are eating or drinking together in a literal sense, writers use scenes involving meals in order to show the positive or negative relationships between characters. Meals can also have symbolism in stories, as shown in Tom Jones where the meal shared between Tom and Mrs. Waters is actually a representation of the two 's positive sexual relations. QUOTE "Here 's the thing to remember about…

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