Essay on Every Little Hurricane By Sherman Alexie

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In the story of “Every Little Hurricane”, victor the main protagonist is a resilience warrior, fighter and a smart boy. Sherman Alexie wrote this story using metaphors to illustrate the hurricane he was talking about. The story starts with victor telling us about his father’s issues with alcohol and low self-esteem. The story contains several flashbacks about Victor 's childhood, specifically to the Christmas Days of four years before. These describe a childhood of poverty and humiliation because of ethnic discrimination.
It is New Year’s Eve, 1976 on the Spokane Indian Reservation. Nine-year-old Victor wakes up after having a nightmare. His parents are hosting a party. Victor’s uncles Adolph and Arnold brawl in the yard. As he watches the fight from the window, Victor thinks about the “tiny storms” (5) that have marred his childhood - difficult moments like the year his parents could not afford Christmas presents, and the time a man drowned in a puddle after passing out drunk. However, Victor is resilient and so far with the help of his mother and the strength he’s taken from the occasional happy moment, like eating dinner with his family at the restaurant Mother’s Kitchen in Spokane.
Alexie used metaphors to shows us victor’s feeling toward the whole hurricane situation; A hurricane touches down on the reservation, but Victor is more disturbed by the bad memories that the weather seems to bring up for the party guests, who become sick and even violent as they continue to…

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