`` Evelyn `` : Dealing With The After Effects Of An Unhappy Marriage

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Evelyn, a recently widowed woman: dealing with the after effects of an unhappy marriage, her husband’s debt, and a dependency on other people. Such as shown in the scene introducing us to Evelyn, we observe her snapping at someone on the phone, when they are unsympathetic to her plight of needing to take care of a dead man’s finances. Transitioning into a scene of Her talking with the lawyer and her son about the debts that her husband left her to take care of and learning that this is what developed by blindly trusting her husband to take care of everything. Decides to move to India and gains new experiences that help her in learning how to be an independent, working, and happier version of herself. This journey of growth begins as she is looking for a place to live after selling her flat; taking her first step towards growth by deciding to live on her own, even if she still needed her son’s assistance to to put the plan together. First arriving in India, Evelyn seems to latch on to Graham, and takes a bit to start getting used to the area. He helps her open up and enjoy the culture surrounding her, as she learns the area, she sums up the experience for her blog ”Initially you 're overwhelmed. But gradually you realize it 's like a wave. Resist, and you 'll be knocked over. Dive into it, and you 'll swim out the other side”. (Evelyn) Undoubtedly, some of the comfort that she develops is thanks to the fact she has found a job to help pay back her husband’s debts and…

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