Evaluation And Evaluation Of A Research Instrument Essay

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In research, to make observations for various variables, that is, the primary data that are collected, recorded, analyzed and interpreted special tools are developed. These tools are referred to as instruments and the systematic procedure for the selection and development of these tools is known as instrumentation (Pangaro and Shea, 2015).
Instrumentation includes all those measures which are used during the research to collect data. The quality of research depends to a large extent on the quality of the research instrument. The more efficient the research instrument, the more authentic the research becomes. The two most common instruments used in nutritional research include questionnaires (surveys, interviews) and experimental tests.
Validity can be defined as the efficiency of an instrument to fulfill its purpose for which it is developed. An instrument has to be reliable to be valid; however it does not require being valid in order to be reliable. For example, a multiple-choice test intended to evaluate the counseling skills of nutrition students may yield reliable scores, but it may actually evaluate their scientific knowledge rather than the ability to communicate effectively with patients in making a recommendation. Validity is not a property of an instrument; instead it is the extent to which the results of the instruments are authentic depending on its intended use (Kimberlin and Winterstein, 2008).
A research can b termed as authentic or…

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