Evaluating Benefits For Promoting Multilingualism Essay

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Shreya Baral
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Multilingualism- assessing benefits. Issues in Promoting Multilingualism
Paradowski, M.B. (2011)

Language is a rational and social tool which helps in accessing concepts and meanings, solving problems through logical system, is the basis for organizational knowledge, supports in human interactions and determination of social status along with defining educational opportunities. Talking about multilingualism, it is the ability to speak more than one language. Multilingualism doesn’t require the ability to speak unrelated languages and it doesn’t require perfect fluency in all the languages at one’s command.
It was known that bilinguals perform poorer at school than their monolingual peers. This fact first attracted the attention of psychologists in the 1920s. In many countries, bilingualism were the residents of economically backward rural regions who were deprived of good education system, while their monolingual peers were typically raised in families of higher socioeconomic status.
While comparing two bilingual and monolingual group of children, the bilingual ones did better both on the verbal and non-verbal intelligence tests. This determined that the individuals speaking more than only one language have good…

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